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Tameka J. Harris (I_0010)
Introducing Tameka J. Harris
Say "hello" to the girl behind the brand
She's a TV Personality
I’ve been accused for making people feel comfortable, confident and relaxed when on a TV set with me. They call it a gift–but I call it ‘me being me’! Watch me work –>
She's a Video Producer
I’ve been in the game for more than 10 years–that’s right, I got my start in high school! Over 1500+ TV shows, videos and segments later, I’m still standing! Watch me work –>
She created the #VibrantLife Movement
I believe in a movement that pushes people forward. I also believe that living life in ‘black and white’ is over rated. That’s where I come in–I exist to add vivid color to every precious frame of your life! Curious? Join in and learn more –>
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