She-E-O Your Life Series

THIS JUST IN: She-EO Your Life Series! (Register)

I am so super excited to share this upcoming event with you! Are you an entrepreneur who needs a little boost toward your destiny? Well join me and 6 other women for an exciting teleconference online this month! Register NOW for Tiffany Bethea’s “She-EO Your Life” Series! It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE! It’s going to be all about entrepreneurship…


TAMEKAHARRISLIVE presents, #MeeksMemes!

No lie ya’ll: it took me a minute to understand what a “meme” is. And it probably took me even longer to pronounce the darn thing. Well, now that I am fully up to speed (and hip, might I add), I thought I’d capitalize on the social phenomenon and bring you something the crew and…

Tameka J. Harris

What’s a Visionographer?

These days, it seems like EVERYONE has a title. It honestly seems like they have a super, extra special “name” to call themselves, doesn’t it? And for a minute there, I was feeling a little out of place. I mean, I’m proud to carry the name my mother gave me, but honestly, I wanted a…

Speak Life Tour, Durant Arts Center

The Speak Life Tour is on the Move…AGAIN!

It’s #SocialMediaMonday for the #SpeakLifeTour! Expect Mondays to never be the same again–we’ve taken this day over and it’s all for a great cause! Seven young people have been apart of a DMV wide crusade to speak lives into the lives of their peers–other young people–and it’s a beautiful thing. Bi-monthly, these seven young people–also called…

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